Musical muse

in life •  6 months ago

Hi guys, how's it going? Hope all is well, bitcoin and cryptos being random as usual, so that's alright. Ever notice how everytime bitcoin starts to rise, a new "investigation" happens? Anyways, that's not why I'm making this post. What I really want is some form of musical expression.

Sadly, I'm not a full-fledged musician like many people on here and I think I miss you guys!! :( In any event, this morning I woke up and felt like doing something musical so I began looking for contests or collabs on steemit. Sadly, all I have seen so far are open mic contests.

While open mic is awesome, the crowd there is intimidating :D So many awesome musicians and I honestly don't think my "performances" are up to par. So I wished them well and moved on. Sadly, there were no more music based promos or contests anywhere as far as I could see.

While writing this post and scrolling through steemit, I came across this little gem :D Imma check it out.

Have a great day steemit! Still kicking it strong!!


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Hope to hear you soon!!!