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I’m shore all of us have, at one time or another, have been place in a situation where we could not give an answers. We thought words would confuse the situation, or as the saying go’s “add fuel to the fire”. What if we just SMILED..............? Wouldn’t that have been the best answer?
Remember Words may confuse.

"A smile is the light in your window that tells others that there is a caring, sharing person inside."

Did you know that:
Babies are born with the ability to smile: Babies learn a lot of behaviours & sounds from watching the people around them, but scientists believe that all babies are born with the ability, to smile.

So....don't you see, The Almighty has created you to lighten up the world with your amazing smile?

Some benefits of smiling.

   Endorphins are released 

Every time we smile our muscles move around on our face. Our brain will than decode it and a chemical is released, called Endorphins, quickly making us feel happy. This happens every time. The brain can’t differentiate between a Fake smile or a genuine one. So when you feeling down just smile, the some you smile the more endorphins are produced and the happier you will feel. Endorphins also work as a in-house pain killer. So when you fall have a smile.

When we smile and release endorphins the stress hormone “CORTISOL” is reduced. In today’s high stress world we all need to reduce stress and what better way than smiling it’s all natural.

By smiling we express a gorgeous emotion and we will look more approachable. It always more easy and pleasant to be among people who are smiling. Feel the joy, what you can change the mood, as behaviour is contagious

Here I share an article I read

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Very nice positive article - and an interesting topic too. Thanks for sharing!

This is, of course, an idea of how exercising our muscles releases endorphins. Doing exercises would actually help people that are depressed.

This is great! keep smiling! :)

it great a smile a day keeps the doctor away

SMILING is my favorite and love your awesomeness for posting this!!! Gratitude for bringing this feeling to the NOW!

thanks for agreeing

dont forget to smile


If only we all concurred...

How simple :) UV!

is't it

Y/N? Y :)


That's the stuff! A smile a day...!! :0)

a smile a day keeps the doctor away

Every morning I look into the mirror and smile.
Feels good

lets keep smiling troughout the day

@writemore nice article.. Following you!!

Thanks I will follow you to