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It has been a long tiring week for me . My Father-in law had a postrate operation .The operation we supposed to have been a simple procedure.  However, he had to be operated twice. At present he is still on a catheter.  

He seems very uncomfortable and uneasy. I was wondering if it was me ,would I be able to cope .I wish him full and a speedy recovery.


On Wednesday this week I received a WhatsApp massage from our community group. The massage was about an old gentlemen that passed on at the old age home. He had no family and assistance was needed. I asked for time off at work and accompanied a friend to the old age home to see if we could render some assistance.  

When we arrived at the deceased home we found is body half out of his front door , his wife sitting on the sofa crying. We were told that the ambulance was on the way. Can you imagine the trauma the old wife was going through . It was quite devastating for us seeing an old man laying down in front of the door.


For something more light-heart-ed .I really enjoyed the UEFA quarter finals . I hi rolling ,5 star ,hi-rated player side of Manchester United lost the quarter final first leg to LIVERPOOL FC. By now all my steemit mate must know where my allegiance lay. 

Liverpool did not only win the game they trashed Manchester United 3-0 . This gives Liverpool a large opportunity to go to the next round. All Liverpool needs to do is lose the next game  by 2 goals . If Liverpool has to score 1 goal ,this will leave Manchester City with an added problem because of the away goal rules. If so then Manchester city would need to win 6-1 or better to go to the next round. All in all its all in Liverpool's hands. Lets hope for a wonderful game.


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I appreciate your sport