When you build trust the whole world looks nicer

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I remember back when I didn’t trust the world and thought humans were just selfish by nature and left it at that. I believed that everyone was always looking to slight me, that every decision was made out of purely self interest. The world seemed so hopeless and I was full of fear about the future.

negative pineapple

So much has changed. Since then I have learned that life will reflect back to you what you give it. Sometimes it takes time to understand but it always shows you what is inside you. I learned that humans can be selfish and selfless at the same time, and that that’s not even worth calling selfish. When we know that others well-being is our own well-being, the distinction between selfish and selfless is no longer relevant.

The past few weeks, as my life has hit a few big road bumps, I have been showered with the kindness of others. I have had multiple friends offer to share their tiny rooms for months at time without expectation of compensation. I have been treated to dinners. I have had at least 5 friends offer to lend me money. One friend even offered to give me a significant amount of money without any guarantee of repayment. I’ve had a few people become my patrons, they all insist that they aren’t doing it out of pity but out of a desire to support my work, I hope so! I’ve had a bunch of friends help to promote my shows and my Japanese classes. I had a friend design multiple posters for different events I’ve held and Patreon stories.

I hope to reciprocate in the future, not to pay them back necessarily. I do not feel obligation, I merely love these people and what they stand for and hope to give them the same kind of support in the future whether they need it or not.

On top of all that I’ve had amazing conversation. I feel we are all growing together, and I see how I am able to make a difference in peoples lives as well as how they have made a difference in mine.

I may have been too overwhelmed to continue a lot of the community initiatives I was working on before, such as nobidbot or steemitzombies (deadposts initiative is still up and running), but I want to get serious about what I post at steemit again. I want to continue to share inspiration and be worthy of whatever support I am given.

I have two new series I am planning at steemit. I will be able to stick with these as they are projects that basically just involve sharing ideas that make life better and more fun and I am more passionate about that than anything else. The first will be an independent project and so I’ll start posting it in the next few days. Another I hope to get some backing on, to do it in collaboration with a big name at steemit, I’m waiting for an answer from them.

Don’t let the low price of Steem scare you off, we can still do great things here!


If you like what I do, check out my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron (or helping me find more Patrons by sharing this link on social media) so I can put more time and energy into fiction, music and community building. Some extra fiction and music will be over at Patreon and it's all pay-what-you-want. Thanks for any and all support!

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Hiii...Great Post with Great Information.

Awesome post

you know, life does reward you. but it takes its own sweet time in doing it. many people who dont realize this fritter away any advantage that they already possess. i am happy that things are moving in the right direction and that you are reaching a better place. one day it will all come together for you