I don't believe in bad people

in life •  18 days ago

I know many people will disagree with my stance but I believe the same energy that makes up you is the same energy that makes up me is the same as the energy that made up the greatest heroes and worst villains of all time. It is all love.

There are messed up people for sure.
But messed up doesn't mean they naturally just are that way. Love can twist and distort and be cut off from light and look like something so ugly. This is not evil, it's sickness. I call these people "bad" in that it is undesirable and against others. They are cut off and working against the rest of us. I call behaviors "bad" because they come from this state of mind, they are misinformed and confused.

While the sickness is too far outside of my experience to imagine, but much of it, I can. I used to be sick myself. I am still coming into this new skin.

I believe that all people can be cured of all sickness but it's not possible for us to cure them by attempting to cure them. All we can do is send love their way and hope they receive it.

Love does not mean allowing them to commit crimes or being a punching bag for them, or giving excuses for their behavior. It just means believing that this person is capable of good, and appreciating that version of them, in whatever paralell reality it may exist in, and keeping our own faith in humanity despite the lack of faith that they encourage.

It's not easy. Especially when we see then doing terrible things and feel they need to be stopped. We can try to stop them, but only from a place of love and compassion for the perpetrator as well as the victim, otherwise we are allowing that negative energy to stay alive in the world and allowing ourselves to be infected by it.

It's also important not to look down on those who are sick. To some extent we are all sick. We are sick with all ideas of lack, of "not enough", of all things which lead us away from appreciation and the present moment. We don't need to feel bad about this, we just need to keep working to be better if we want to see a positive change in the world and in our lives.

I see sickness everywhere sometimes, but then again, sometimes I don't need to see it as a sickness. It's just a process we are all going through, some of us slower than others. It's all just motivation to be the best me I can be, because that is always the most effective way to create change.

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This is a particularly hard stage to get through.

Its not that where you are is wrong, or that it isn't important, or that you should go back. What is hard is that the next stage is not talked about at all by anyone.

Like, what does it take to become Gandalf the Gray?
He sent a kid on a suicide mission. Sure, it had to be done, but... still.

So, every person on this planet is indeed on their own journey. They are all pieces of God, pieces of pure love. You may even say that some of them are just playing the bad guy, because if you are going to play the good guy, there has to be a bad guy.

However, along with this, you also have to know right and wrong. You have to maintain your boundaries. And you MUST maintain what is right for you.

In the next step, bad guys will again become bad guys, but your entire way of dealing with them is different. Like, they are a puzzle piece in a puzzle, and in order to shift them, the puzzle around them needs to shift, and so, you begin pushing love into those areas that need to shift.

The next step, from the perspective you are at now, seems like a tight rope, like walking a fine line, balanced between light and dark. (Gray) But, it really isn't. Its more of carrying two perspectives at the same time. But, you only find that after you practice a lot "balancing".

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This is such a massive topic — good on you for tackling it.

Ethics is a bloody minefield, and kudos to the people who spend their entire lives studying and researching it.

The whole ‘good v. evil’ schtick is not actually that black and white. And yet at the same time, I think any of us would be able to identify what we consider right/wrong in any context with confidence... but then be able to find instances that breach our own parameters.

Great piece!!!!!!


Thank you, I will have to get my ass back on steemit sometimes to catch up with you and a few others who aren't at whaleshares.


Isn’t there an app that allows you to write a post and syndicate to Steem, Whaleshares, and Medium? I’ll see if I can find the link, I’m sure I bookmarked it...

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Yes! Would love to have you there.