Recovering in the transition of a new era

in life •  9 months ago

Malaysia has taken quite a ride these past couple of days, thanks to the 14th Malaysian General Elections. I've still not recovered from the anxiety and the mental roller coaster of confusion from such a major governmental shift, even though the whole nation was given 2 days of public holidays as the new government is being set up.

Things are worse in Sabah. I couldn't spill my thoughts on the election results without invoking some sort of wrath from either faction supporters. The childish name callings on the current and former leaders by a few of my acquaintances has yet to cease, that it feels toxic and saddening. It'll take a few more months before everyone and everything calms and settles down, I'm presuming.

Not all is bleak. One fun topic to talk about is the compulsory indelli ink-staining finger dipping as part of preventing double voting.
I was pretty happy at first that my ink-stained finger didn't appear as dark as my other friends who had voted before me. We were having fun exchanging dozens of photos, and I shared mine as you can see above. When I told them how happy I was about my finger's condition, a friend warned me, it's gonna get darker.

And it did.

My finger started to look like a zombie. Worse is that there's a film of chemical within the ink, I suppose, that caused the skin around my inked finger to shrink and make it look shriveled. Some of my friends suggested using bleach, which I initially resisted because it sounded too harsh; surely there's more natural ways to remove the ink. But today, I couldn't stand it, and finally succumbed to the bleach technique.

Here's the after and before picture.
I soaked and shook my finger in the bleach for about one to two minutes, then rinsed as usual. Fortunately it was cleared off easily. Some of my friends had to do it three times and some still weren't able to remove it completely.
I was just glad the shrivel-like shrinking feel of the ink is now completely gone.

I look forward to resuming normal life after all the election drama which is still unfolding. I'll need to play catch up to the two days I missed posting. Or maybe not, we'll see :-)

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Mujarab kan..i used clorox bleech as well

Ya bah, a lot of drama, mmg memenatkan juga terpikir election kali ni.