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To me this sentence is a dead giveaway of the ignorance or general attitude of the person who voices this opinion. What is a real job? The person who uses this sentence believes real jobs are only jobs in which every moment you do something, something is produced or developed. Same goes with the general idea of getting rich, if you can't get rich immediately why even try?


Before I get more into this topic, I want to make clear that I don't want to discriminate against anyone. My intention isn't to put down people who have such opinions even if I my sound like it while writing this. My intention is to shine a light on the how I see things and draw out the problems in thinking like there are real and unreal jobs.

What is a real job?

A job is a job. If you get paid for it, it is a real job. This is what I believe in all its simplicity. However, lets look at this a bit closer. We live in an ever changing world. The "old days" have long gone where everyone contributed physically to making the kings and queens of their community wealthier and kept themselves alive by doing so. Back then, someone collected resources, the next one made those resources into tools, those tools were then used to produce something. Everyone had a job that produced fast to see results.

Today some people still use tools to produce something, the result of which will show immediately, but they use tools, which someone without a "real job" in their eyes designed and which a machine most likely made. They don't realize that without people who don't need to see the outcome immediately, we wouldn't be where we are today. They also wouldn't produce as much as they produce. Those who design the tools are led by people who manage multiple designers and the functioning of the business. They also don't have a "real job" in their eyes. The further we go, the less the person behind the other person works hands on producing something.

This is by no means an indication that people who manage the work other people do, don't have a "real job". Not only have these people had to work really hard to develop themselves to be worthy of such positions, their work might go unnoticed until they stop doing it. It might even take a long time for their work to truly show.

I'm not trying to praise top leaders of the society. My point is that too many people still want results immediately. Patience is a foreign idea to many. They might pride themselves on working so hard everyday and look down upon those who don't, but the real situation is that it is highly unlikely so that anyone suddenly gets to a high position anywhere.

How patience plays a big role in everything from job success to investing

Loose the concept of a real job. Gather it up into your palm, scramble it into your fist, squeeze it into a ball and throw it out of the window. You don't want to associate with this hurtful concept. Of course this is just a mental image of what you should do and the real situation is much more complicated. The concept of "real job" is immediacy disguised into working life.

Immediacy is what affects and plagues most people's life and makes it harder for them. It shows up in everything. Most people with a "real job" as they say, have been in a hurry to quit studying, in a hurry to find a job, in a hurry to earn money, in a hurry to spend the money, in a hurry to make more, in so much of a hurry that they never stopped to think if there was another way. Now, I'm not blaming them. People have a tendency to want to do things fast and see results. However, those who don't need to see results as soon as possible are most likely to reap the benefits of effort that has matured into bigger rewards.

Patience in many things will eventually reward. Taking your time to study, will reward you with a paper, which will make it easier for you to land a job worth your effort. Taking time to understand what you study will reward you with an understanding that is above that of your peers. Taking your time to find a best fit for yourself will reward you with the emotional benefit of doing what you like. Doing what you like will also help you in the long run. You will be more willing to put in the effort needed for greater things.

Is patience limited to success in working life?

No. Patience will lead to success in all aspects of your life. Patience in relationships will strengthen your relationship. Patience with friends will lead to better friendships in the long run. Patience in anything you can think of will probably affect positively. If something needs doing fast, patience in learning to do it fast will reward you in the long run.

My personal favorite: wealth. Patience in creating wealth will eventually lead you to create more and more wealth. You won't become rich fast unless you are lucky. I'll leave you with this and invite you to read more of my posts if you want to find out how I invest and create wealth, but this post has been about the importance of patience.

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