How To Build Great Teams And Productive Systems

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"Build Great Teams and Productive Systems" is the forth issue of my series of executive leadership training workshops. In previous articles I have explained how to build cohesive and successful teams, develop an effective communication process, and identify and foster cooperative problem solving skills. This session focuses on fostering teamwork through a system of rewards and punishments. Teams build and create a system of rewards and consequences that are linked to their success and failure.

Most companies operate as though each member of the team were an individual. They think in terms of the individual being the only person who matters and that the only measure of success is the number of people who make a certain number of sales or are in a certain territory. I am sure that most companies want their salespeople to be highly productive, but they don't want to take the time to look at individual behavior or the effect it will have on the team as a whole. Companies need to understand that there is a much bigger picture when they are working toward team success.

The fact is that there are many factors that go into producing the results that are being touted by salespeople and company management alike. Individual performance is important, but the efficiency of teams comes from the integration of behavior and the systems that they create. When a group of people work together to solve problems it is much easier to identify patterns of behavior that produce the kinds of results that the individual members want.

In this case a team that starts out with a strong sense of interdependence and mutual accountability will not only be more productive, but happier as well. Those individuals that form the core of these teams will work together to monitor the performance of each other. In fact, their focus is so strong that they will begin to look for and resolve issues in the workforce that aren't going to affect others in the company. They will work as a team to find solutions to any problems that might arise.

A great example of a team that works together successfully is one that designs and builds ships. Each member of this team has an interest in the creation of the best ships possible, and they all get involved in every step of the process. By taking on a challenge like this, each member of the team will be working on a different aspect of ship building, allowing them to build more ships as the project moves forward. They will have a more direct impact on the ship, which means they can push for more efficiency as they come up with solutions to any problem.

These same principles can be applied at any organization. It just takes understanding how to encourage members to put their individual talents to the test and build a productive system. A team that is made up of competent individuals who are committed to working together will come up with innovative solutions to problems. They will also be willing to share the responsibility for finding those solutions. In many cases this results in a much more cohesive team that comes up with even better solutions than when they were just working individually.

Another factor to consider is team building exercises. These can be used in a variety of ways to ensure that teams are actually growing. They can be used in a team building workshop where professionals show teams the way they are working together, or they can be used as a means of incorporating fun activities into the daily work practice. These activities can include games, puzzles, simulations and more.

The idea is to get people thinking about how they work together as a team and how they can improve their skills. When a team comes together and starts to explore these possibilities, they may find that they start to see how they can be a greater asset to each other. They will develop the ability to solve problems, innovate, communicate better, and build great teams that can serve an organization well for years to come. Building productive systems requires everyone involved to be open to trying new things and having fun along the way.

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