Risky is what life is

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"Life is not without any risks!"

I know, I know but I didn't expect it to be this way. My life I mean, the risks.
No, I am not hiding inside it's just that I don't feel any need to go outside, to meet and greet people who won't greet me back. Besides it's cold and windy, it smells and clouds of mosquitoes are waiting for their new prey. One step outside and I am covered by insects who don't care about my skin, sting through my clothes and the only way to get rid of them is by squeezing them between my fingers and spraying me and my house 24/7.

Mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs and stable flies make me misery and so do the diseases they transfer. Malaria, Lyme disease and so on are no zoonosis but good for a life filled with misery. Fever, dizziness, nausea, painful joints, damaged organs, being paralyzed, auto-immune diseases... the risks of meeting the world outside. Mother Nature's creatures or if you prefer god's fabulous creatures no one can explain their meaning. Mosquitoes...do they suffer from malaria or the coronavirus? It all sounds more like a disease for animals, mammals only. Creatures lower on the ladder might look simple, be easier killed but they are with many and a fly hit is seldom death. He recovers fast and flies away unless you pull his wings out like one of my uncles, uncle John a sick person, did as I was a child.

This photo is made by me. My cat let's the dogs out with me.


Life is not without it. Not only if it comes to insects. Pets can be nasty and mean and if not they can get you in trouble. Dogs jump in front of the neighbours or your car. They jump at and bite people, cats scratch and steal or make you fall and break a leg. If they steal something it makes you angry but at the same time, you steal others their pencils, use their phone, charge way too high bills, wreck your parents their car, never pay back the loan and abuse your best friends and lie to your partner and granny. There's a risk they all discover what kind of person you are but you count on the fact family, friends and coworkers are loyal. Loyalty is good for cheating.
You know it and they know it. That's why scammers make a big income out of cheating and making up stories. Not because they have a bad life but because you are so stupid to believe them, an easy prey. They are the mosquitoes between humans. They buzz around you, don't know when to stop. They keep pushing and put your life at risk. You fool yourself by saying these are God's creatures too but at the same time you know they are useless. The only way to get rid of them is to kill. So hit and spray and do not wait till they suck all life out of you. If you don't want something inside you need to be strict and set your boundaries.


Being alive is a risk. To some more than others. Viruses, bacteria surround us. You don't need to have sex to get seriously ill and die. Eating the wrong food, smoking, drinking high amounts of alcohol, drugs, poison, you name it and it's dangerous for you. Walking stairs is, sport is, being pregnant is and marrying the wrong partner is. Some bully you into your grave, shoot at you at the mall or high school. Idiots with bomb vests, machineguns, an axe or knife kill innocent people and believe this is their right after an act like that heaven waits.

In a world like this, where creepy boys, cry babies with low self-esteem rule, where so many suffer it's hard to believe we are afraid of the latest coronavirus. A virus that doesn't make everyone sick. A virus that is kept alive to manipulate people, take freedom away and delete those with an opinion of their own. The biggest fear of each dictator: people who think and not simply believe what is said but invest.
Life isn't without any risk neither is being vaccinated, giving up on freedom and democracy in name of a pandemic. Humankind survives and survived worse. You better start ventilating if not you do put your life at a risk.


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