Arichonan - The Abandoned Village in Scotland

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Hi Steemians!

Hope you are all having a great week so far. Today I am sharing a very interesting story of one of my trips to Scotland. We visited the abandoned village of Arichonan which has a very sad story. People had been living here for many hundreds of years but were forced out in horrific ways by Highland clearing. This was happening all over Scotland in 1848, and is the reason Scottish Highlands are now all empty, or pretty much. It was a moody, atmospheric day which seemed fitting to visit such a touching site. It must have been awful, in fact I can't even imagine, how hard it must have been for these poor people to be forced to leave their family home. More than the views, but the views were just stunning, you could see all the way down to a nearby loch and nothing around you but trees and nature. Something I am sure was very valuable to everyone. All that remains are the ruins you can see here, the rocks are still forming some of the houses that used to home these families. It was a little sad walking around in such a beautiful place knowing how much pain and suffering had gone on here. If you want to know more about this you can go to this blog here : - they explain it a lot better than me! I think I will leave it there and just let you take in what you can from these photographs....

DSC_0021 (1).jpg



DSC_0048 (1).jpg





Thank you for stopping by! - Verity x



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I don't know anything about the history of Highland clearing. Who did it and why?

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TBH I hadn't heard much about it either, the easiest way is to go to Wiki!


Highland Clearances
The Highland Clearances (Scottish Gaelic: Fuadaichean nan Gàidheal [ˈfuə̯t̪içən nəŋ gɛː.əl̪ˠ], the "eviction of the Gaels") were the evictions of a significant number of tenants in the Scottish Highlands mostly during the 18th and 19th centuries. They resulted from enclosures of common lands and a change from farming to sheep rearing, largely carried out by hereditary aristocratic landowners who previously had status as Scots Gaelic clan chiefs. The Clearances were a complex series of events occurring over more than a hundred years. A Highland Clearance has been defined as "an enforced simultaneous eviction of all families living in a given area, such as an entire glen".The Clearances relied on the insecurity of tenure of most tenants under the Scottish legal system.

It’s so beautiful and it’s so haunting to know it’s past. I’d love to visit one day! I’m in Australia but have Scottish heritage from way way back.


Yes I felt the same! It was amazing. A lot of people went to Australia from the Highland Clearances, but little is known!

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wow such a great natural beauty with greenery looking. awesome photography art dear.


Thank you, yeah there is so much beauty in nature!

So sad! Beautifully captured


Thank you ! :D

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History is sad in many places.. we can't do anything about it just learn from it and don't repeat the mistakes!

It's interesting to see the ruins. It looks like it used to be beautiful stone houses...


That is true. Yes very interesting, loved it!

So beautiful... I want to visit now.

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