When You Lie to Yourself, You Lose

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When you lie to yourself, you have lost.

When you are honest with yourself about your abilities, and you succeed, you make significant progress on your life's journey.

When you make up excuses, you will inevitably pay the price. That price will be your growth. We lie to ourselves daily, and the cost is stagnation and drag.

When I was younger, I made every excuse to not work hard at math. I told myself I didn't have a "math brain", and crippled myself in that regard. Today, I regret that belief. I can now mysteriously perform in math due to an internal belief that I can do so. It is circular.

When a man loses his legs, his brain says his life is over. Many who have lost their legs walk and even run, and some compete in the Olympics. Why? Because they believe and have drive to do so. They do not lie to themselves about their ability to do so or that it will be hard.

We lie to ourselves to protect ourselves from discomfort, hard work and even success. What will you do when you succeed? What will you do when you stop lying to yourself and perform?

Picture from Pixabay.


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