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in life •  5 months ago

Here is a biography of/for @virtualgrowth for a website as an advisor.

Not having done a bio there had been a request of a bio which has subsequently started to be written to someone. Wondering how people and the community may like it so far and may propose changes and suggestions.

Virtual Growth is a decentralization icon and ICO advisor. With an undeniable faith in the tokenized economy and the trustless consensus of a global people, Virtual Growth moves forward the torch of its ethos. You can find him on Steemit.

Please provide feedback, thank you very much.


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It's short but good! I think you advise on more than just ICOs; you bring your varied knowledge to bear on many aspects of many projects. I think of you as a guy who has a good overview of a lot of different crypto endevours and who is all about good will and bringing people together.

There's just so many great things to add but I don't know where to start!

"Virtual Growth is a VALUABLE decentralization icon and ICO advisor." ;)

It sounds great, but I still don't know what you actually do ;)

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