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Once upon a time, there was a young man who had a rose seed. He wanted to plant the rose in his backyard garden. A fertilizer and a small shovel have been provided. Rushed, he also prepared a small pot where the rose will grow. Choosing the best pot, and placed the pot in a corner that gets enough sunlight. He hoped that these seeds can grow perfectly.

He splashed the rose seeds every day. Diligently, he took care of the tree. Not to forget, if there is a disturbing grass, immediately disianginya to avoid the lack of food. In a few moments, the bud flowers is start. The petals appear to be starting to break, though the colors do not look perfect yet. This youngster is happy, for his hardwork is starting to pay off. He studied the flower carefully. He looked surprised, because there were also small thorns that covered the stems. He regrets why the sharp spikes appear together with the blossoming of this beautiful flower. Of course, the thorns will disturb the beauty of his roses.

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