The Advantages Of Using The MoSCoW Project Management Method

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Hello, everyone! As some of you who have been longtime following me already know, I'm an international student learning programming and design in Aalborg, Denmark. For those of you who might not know though, I'll tell you a significant part of my studies here rely heavily on group cooperation and projects.

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For this purpose, I'd like to write a few lines today on one particular project management method that I and my current have been trying to put in practice with respect to setting realistic objectives for our project that we need to hand in at the end of this month.

This project management method is called the MoSCoW method. It stands for the following terms: must have, should have, could have, and, ultimately, won't have. This very useful prioritization technique enables you and your collaborators divide goals in an easily interpretable way, having to decide, for example in my case, what key features must, should, could, or won't be implemented, depending on both the internal and external factors and various criteria.

Therefore, the central advantages of using this goal-setting method is correlated with:

a) assessing what near-future milestones are accessible and realistic and need to be fulfilled (the must have ones, namely);
b) speculate on the things you might like to add or modify in your project if only you'd have more time and/or other resources (the shoulds and coulds);
c) acknowledge what nearly certainly you won't be able to include in your final product (the won'ts)

Other notable advantages include the relatively short amount of time of elaborating the method and applying it into the context of your work as well as the efficiency of major objectives that are targeted for your project.

In conclusion, I hope you've found this brief article suitable for (perhaps) one of your projects as well. I'd also like to know your thoughts on this management technique in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Interesting. I will have a look (I am a fanatic of the Project Management tools ;-)


Nice to know that. Give it a try, you'll probably really enjoy using it then. :)


I will propose it on my PMI workshop soon


I'm truly happy to know that. :)


I told you:


Great! I hope it turned out fine. :)

I have no use for it in my career at the moment, but I will try it out to maybe use it a later point I life!


Sure, who knows, you might eventually benefit from it. :)

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