See Horizons

in life •  6 months ago

Most of us are restless as the people of the country. In a situation that tests us on the horizon, we will not be seen.

Stressful people say I breathe through my nose. Reason;

I'm in debt swamp

Like the cruelty of precious things,

I'm worried about my country's future.

Flu, the future of my children, torsinam

We polluted our country, land and sea,

He left our soul pessimistic and violent.

We lost our humanity as human beings,

We became human ...

Our spiritual values ​​are our sacred values.

Respect-love stayed in old dictionaries,

Well, we lost a lot of good things ...

Besides these,

We're ignoring the floors.

Using technological advancement,

Most of the theft,

Social media immorality

Human avc direction ...

Use what is necessary for life,

The device does not go against negative negatives,

They say ...

I'm pretty optimistic

If I lose my hope


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