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in life •  20 days ago

This is the only factor defending the last thought system and its operation:

Yes, I am his awareness; There are differences and I have different aspects. And all of this is happening on the ongoing front of awareness. Let's not say war, it's a struggle to survive. In short, one of us has been fighting since the first day.

Who is the winner and the loser, who will cut our connection with life?

It's not a cotton thread, it's a bond. Our character, our temperament, and what we are strengthening day by day and the joy of living

And what we feel is accompanied by whom we love and are connected to each other.

Who knows; Are you new to such a young age, but are you still living the dreams and dreams of all adolescents? And there are many expectations that keep me alive and young.

My Lord, who created us from nothing and embraced it forever, had a complex structure in which human love could be solved.

And we: We have left something that will never die in my life, and the wind will be thrown as if it had never been rested.

Who are we communicating with? What have we seen or what have we seen? How important is this to us?

Everything about your imagination. Or if we want to see and accept it, we can personalize it in our minds. Maybe countless hundred and countless masks that we think are real. We are not wearing masks, and unfortunately this artificial course is being debated according to the constitution.

I always ask myself, and I'm still asking: What is the truth or who does it look like?

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