Being Knock-Kneed and Why You’re Never Too Old for Anything

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Hello fellow Steemians,

I was at the chiropractor yesterday doing an adjustment. After he did the typical cracks on my neck (I’m always terrified he might break my neck!) and back, I asked him if he could adjust me for my knock-knees.

I’ve always been knock-kneed. I’m not sure if I was born with it or because I was overweight as a kid and it caused my knees to turn-in to adjust for the added weight. Regardless, I’ve always been self-conscious of how my knees looked.

Anyways, my chiropractor said he unfortunately couldn’t do anything for my condition and suggested orthopedic arches. Sadly I said,

“Do you think I’m too old to correct this?”

He looked at me with this expression of bewilderment and exclaimed,

“You’re NEVER too old.”

I looked at him and said, “Really?”

He said, “Yes, in my eyes, you’re still a baby.”

So, it just goes to show you that if you truly believe in what you’re doing and believe that YOU can do it, it really doesn’t matter your age.

I’ve done research on being knock-kneed and depending on the severity of the case, it can be corrected through exercises without surgery. Although this condition can be genetic, due to a lot of sitting and lack of exercise, it causes weak glute and abdominal muscles, hence causing the hips to rotate in thus the knees touch but the heels don’t.

So what I’m doing to correct this is first, BELIEVING that change can happen. Honestly, the “how” will take care of itself, but BELIEVING is first and foremost, the most important factor in ANY change.

Whether it be starting a business, finding the person of your dreams, stopping a bad habit, you’re NEVER too old as long as you BELIEVE!!

What are some things you wanted to do but thought you couldn’t because of your age?

Being knock-kneed, the knees touch, but the heels don't


Keep working it, you'll get there!

Yea so many of people put limits on themselves due to their age. Kentucky Fried Chicken didn't start to franchise his business until Colonel sanders was 62 and didn't sell his first franchise until colonel sanders was 74. Now KFC is the face of chicken all over the world.

Great posts!

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