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I left the city and ventured further south to hang out with my family this weekend. The harsh winter days seem to be behind us so it was the best time to travel. The temperatures has risen as high as 40ºF and I’ve joked about this being t-shirt weather. The only downside to the warmth is the heavy mist that’s followed. I enjoy it because it’s quite creepy to see and a little scary to drive in since I wouldn’t want to hit a deer.

It was nice seeing my sister-in-law because I’ve been wanting to spend time with her. She just had hip surgery this past month and she’s told me how excited she is to be able to move her legs in ways she wasn’t able to. The downside is the pain she has to endure while recovering. She’s taken three months off work and always sounds bored when I’m on the phone with her. I’ve already given her a Netflix binge list. Let me know if you have any you’d like to recommend below.

We also decided to have a belated birthday celebration for both my sister-in-law and I. It got unnecessarily awkward because both my parents had planned to hang out with us this weekend but didn’t want to see eachother. My mom arrived for dinner on Saturday and my Dad showed up lunch today. My mom so desperately wants to force her and her boyfriend into our family festivities and my dad tries to pretend that he’s more accepting about her choices. It’s obvious that he’s still hurting.

The upside to this weekend? I got to play with the puppies, eat good and watch a bunch of movies that I missed out on last year like the film Split. I’m a huge James McAvoy fan.

Thanks for stopping by to read my ramblings. 🦊

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The atmosphere is perfect for a hehhehe zombie movie.
I'm glad your sister-in-law is better, it must be terrible not being able to move freely, I hope I improve completely.
I see that you are a beautiful person, for supporting her in such difficult times, that says very well of you.
unfortunately I can not help you with neflix because I do not have it, I'm in the era of VHS movies 😂
I hope the weather continues to improve.😍

I am glad to hear you enjoyed your visit, and that you got there safe! Driving in that weather is no joke!