Why I love my kids so much

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Of course there are many reasons why I love my kids, but the most important reason is "Because they are my kids". That sounds simple and needless to say, but I do notice in my surrounding that it's not always common..But that's a different story... Something I can't relate to...

Kids take you as a example


My youngest shares the same passion as me, he loves music and making music.
He has his own drumkit (electric) but yesterday he wanted to try my bass-guitar.
He had seen the Queen movie and wanted to learn the bassline of "Another one bites the dust"... So he took my bass and started to practice.

I love the way he asked me questions "Dad, how do you set your fingers on the neck so you won't hear the strings ringle?".... So I showed him and he continued practicing...


The great thing about my youngest is that he won't give up before he reached his goal. He is determined to learn what he wants to learn. So first he tried the bassline on hearing it and copying it, I showed him how he could achieve that, but after a while he thought it was more easy to listen to it on headphones and play along... And it worked, at the end of the evening he could play is bassline... :)


That's one of the reasons why I love my kids so much...determined, enthousiastic... And "Mini-me" hahaha (kidding)

But these kind of things are for me the joy's of life.... Enjoying my kid's in the things they do and how they do it.... I am proud of my sons.....love the guys....

have a great day !!

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I love it - fatherly proud and love! <3 Enjoy all these tiny (big) moments, they're precious!


Thank you very much, and enjoying them every single day :) Before we know it they're flying out :)

I share your happiness: it is really nice to have a son who follows the father's example with determination!



Thank you very much :) !!

Wow, it's great that he had this idea and followed it through! It is so interesting to watch out kids learn and develop!


Great isn't it. It's cool to see how they learn in their own way, and the coolest part is indeed when they manage :)

That's awesome! Start 'em young!


Can't be to young to start playing music :) Thank you !!

The joys of parenthood. I've had a lot of satisfaction from seeing my kids pursue their own creative paths.


Agree !! That's one of the most great things to experience !!

That's really awesome! Isn't it funny how kids pick up on things so quickly! I wish I had started learning a different instrument much sooner. I am with him though, getting your fingers right is so hard. My fingers are pretty thin and I still find myself accidentally pressing the wrong strings when I am trying to do a chord. The one string ends up sounding all muddy and blah. I don't know these big guys with huge hands do it!


Yes it's bizar how quickly the pick up things... I remember practicing my !@# off (and still) with a lot of effort and little result. I started playing the bass guitar in a much later age in which he is now trying :) And somtimes when checking out a song I have the same problems, the spread of the fingers is to wide for me which causes to ringle the strings. Then I know I have to work around it and play it along mulltiple strings with more sliding for instance :)


Great tip.😊 I know I have a long road of practice ahead of me.

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Me too @bozz , Me too..... Yesterday only lost the games.... quiet frustrating :)

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