Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Lego Worlds - A Busy Street' (Part #440)

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'Lego Worlds - A Busy Street'


This is only the second part of my Lego Worlds articles. I always get excited and interested when I see piles and piles of little plastic bricks that people put together day by day. The whole new worlds are given life out of such simple creative material.

When we get deeper into creation, we easily discover many, many details.

Stories could be invented and told out of each creation. A wedding!

A lonely girl is riding her bike.

This is the set photographed from behind. Not much detail there. But still... However, I'd add a wild rooftop party! :)

Enjoy your day! :)

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wow,really very wonderfull logo you anylysis very properly.specially this picture very perfect for logo part two.i am always excited is to read your post.i respect your select composition..really very interesting thing you showing always in your blog.thanks to sharing for your extraordinary thought dear friend.. @velimir may god bless you always..

I like the idea of the wild party on the roof, @velimir!! hahahahaha. These images remind me of my childhood when I was bought Lego boxes and could spend hours assembling things. Lego is not only a universal toy for children, it is also for adults and timeless (no time). Seeing these pieces and seeing every detail speaks not only of creativity, but also of patience. Thank you for sharing those images and your vision of them! Greetings

Since I have joined the platform, I have come across with so many photography blogs. I am pretty much convinced that the way you expressed the un-noticing things is really really exceptional. Actually Bro @velimir you make the micro things more visible. Thank you so much for this amazing and wonderful efforts, highly appreciated :)

The photos came out spectacular @velimir. The articles of Lego Worlds. They always call my attention, arm them in too much emotion.
The roof is good for a party. The photos look amazing. I like cars, they look good. Thanks for sharing .

I love. The world of the laity is the best, it takes a lot of strategy, intelligence and patience to put something like that together. The photos are spectacular, they reveal even the smallest details. These samples are the most, a small world full of charm. Excellent, @velimir.

Wonderful. They look great especially with the one of that girl riding bicycle. I love the image and graphic

great job.

Wow, that's spectacular. What a great job! I love the world of the layman, I find it very interesting, an excellent way to put the mind to work, and in what way ... I love the colors, the photos show a wonderful world. And I like that a lot, thanks for sharing this article, @velimir.

Stunning photography.your work always very well.All pics looks are so amazing.Wedding car pic are so interesting.Rooftop party pic so great.and the one of the most wonderful pic is a preety girl ridding her bike.I really like your photography.thanks for sharing velimir.

Nice pic. Awasome. Beautiful.......

This is so much beautiful post...street and buildings are neat and clean.this is a good's a lesson for us to keep our surroundings neat and clean . Thibgs,look,beautiful when they are kept neat and managed is a beautiful selection of yours.