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HOLLYWOOD.. What comes to our mind as soon as we hear this word? Legendary actors from James Dean to Gregory Peck to Stallone to Tom Cruise, Movies/TV Series like Star Wars to Hulk to Inception, etc., Money, Fame, Music, etc. All of us including me have some Hollywood idol connected to or are a fan of some actor/actress and follow them.
We often admire the works/concept of movies and TV series like “Rocky” or “Star Wars” or “Terminator” or “Matrix”, etc. There many other “brilliant movies” like “Inception” & “Interstellar” that have been directed by people like “Christopher Nolan”.

Personally I feel they are brilliant directors. But I guess they are not the ones we know bring these concepts of such wonderful movies.

Here are some of the TOP movies that makes me think this:

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1. “THE TERMINATOR” Series, “Becentennial Man” & “I-Robot”:

Back then when the movie was made, we were fascinated by this concept of “Humanoids”. Back then all we knew about was “Robots”, But watching movies like “The Terminator” (1984) and TV series like “Small Wonder” (1985) “Vicki” the robo girl, which was fun to watch back then and got us involved in such movies and tv series, especially the recent movie I-Robot and not so recent movie “Bicentennial Man” which got us thinking into “Human robots/Humanoids” also known as “A.I. -Artificial Intelligence”

Now as we know “Humanoids are becoming a virtual reality” Infact we are not so far away from making a robot to Think or Even Feel like us. Synthetic skins to hair to even nails are now being developed to make them appear more human. Scientists have now also developed synthetic organs like heart, lungs, etc. Science and technology have gotten together to create this creature that we call a “Humanoid/Human Robot”.

A lot of people oppose this transition and development of “Humanoids/A.I.”, here are some ignored quotes from the most famous people:


"The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race." – Stephen Hawking.


"With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon," - Elon Musk.

In fact in the recent terminator series, they also show us that once the emotions are added to AI/Robots, they can easily manipulate and lie to us. This is a scary part.

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"SOPHIA" the AI Humanoid

In a recent interview with currently the most famous Humanoid named “Sophia” when asked “Will you destroy humans?”, She replies “OK, I will destroy humans” and smiles. But I would not tell you guys to focus on this one thing. If you watch the entire interview. There are a lot more statements made by the creator like the robots will have emotions, walking talking amongst us, etc.

Here is what I feel some of such movies tell us in brief:

  • Terminator – Robots and AI will protect as well as destroy Human Civilization.

  • Bicentennial Man – Robots with emotions will ask for human rights.

  • I-Robot – They will destroy us.

There are a lot more movies like these that have been made that shows us both the sides of AI. But just imagine, we are the most advance species on the planet, and we are destroying mother nature’s creations, doing fake wars, killing humans like never before, destroying countries, etc. Now just imagine what AI can do? They will be a lot more faster, smarter, intelligent, etc. then us. We have already designed algorithms that design/create algorithms, so AI can design a better AI and improvise. They will be unstoppable.

So do you think they are preparing us for a Robot Dominated world? Just like how we have kept pets, slaves, hunt animals for fun, etc. being the most advanced species on the planet, will we be facing the same by developing AI that’s smarter and faster then us (more advanced species)?

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2. Matrix, Inception & Interstellar:

Id keep all these three movies in one category, though they are pretty different from one another, the reason is, I sometimes am confused looking at the reality, that are we living a matrix or a dream or just lost in Time in one of the Wormholes’ (future or present or past). Weird! Isn’t it?
Im sure that everyone has heard of Albert Einstein & Nikola Tesla, the two geniuses that ever lived, Both of them believed in space and time, including the living legend “Stephen Hawking”


”Time travel used to be thought of as just science fiction, but Einstein's general theory of relativity allows for the possibility that we could warp space-time so much that you could go off in a rocket and return before you set out.” - Stephen Hawking


”I could see past, present and future, all at the same time” – Nikola Tesla (The Philadelphia Experiment)

Did they knew or know what we do not know? Are they hinting us about it? A lot of them have experienced time travels and De Javus’ (that are pretty common), are those glitches?

Is it possible that after the destruction of entire human race by “Humanoids”, we will have no option but to live in a multi-dimensional world or are we already living a matrix? Are we all a computer programme? Sounds absurd right?

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3. In Time & The Island:

A lot of them must have not seen these movies or might have seen many similar movies, but these are a must watch movies. Ill come to that part later. But, im sure a lot of them must have not heard the name of “Jennifer A. Doudna”. She recently claimed after a successful breakthrough at fixing or even editing genes. She claims that in future you can live for as long as you want, stay young all your life, design your own to be born kids, etc. So basically you cheat death and old age and never fall sick.

Now why I mentioned her, before talking about the movies and how they relate to her?


The Island: Movie is about an Insurance company that makes clones for the rich and keep them healthy, basically the clones are their insurance policy.

This movie and many other scifi movies like The Fifth Element, The 6th Day, Boys from Brazil, etc. that were made way before cloning was just an experimenting phase. Today there are already many doctors who clone dogs for their pet owners officially. Is that weird or normal?
Now we have scientsts/doctors like Jennifer A. Doudna claiming that just a few decades down the line, we will be immortals and can also design kids.

So. What does this tell us? Are we challenging mother nature? Are we challenging the eco system? Are we going against the almighty? What next? What would life be on earth, when everyone of us is immortal? Will its be a good thing or a bad thing? Will Euthanasia be legal? What about population control?

In Time: Here is where this movie might show us how future would be, when everyone will be immortal and stay young, and the “Currency or Money” will be our own life. Yes, in this movie, every single thing you want to buy, is by spending a few seconds to minutes to even years of your life. The banks are controlled by the rich, where they programme life in an instrument that has billions of years of life, that’s stored in a vault. When I watched this movie, all I could do is relate to our own future. How? Why?

Now before I begin, I had written an article on “The History of money”. If you have not gone through it, its would be better if you read it now or later, to understand this part of the post. If you read the post, transactions were made using barter system, metals, stones, paper and now as we all know, CRYPTOCURRENCY.

But what happens when we are all immortal? What happens when there is nothing left to discover or invent, cryptos/blockchain too will be of centralized? What beyond crypto? What beyond money? What beyond life? When no one dies or grows old or there are no diaseases?

Has the Hollywood already decided or are preparing us for the future where we need to spend our lives for our everyday life?


The post is just what I think or feel that Hollywood is doing. We all admire these movies, and are big fans of many movie characters. But, when I sit back and think, I feel somewhere down the line there cannot be so many coincidences. Also I feel that the more we involve ourselves into technology and modernization, the more we are being drifted away from mother nature and humanity now its just a ticking time bomb. I completely support scientists who wants to stop AI and cloning here itself before its too late, as they too fear the consequences, as it might get too late for us.

Remember, they know everyting about us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,etc. they know where we go, what we do, what we eat, whome we date, etc. they know much more about us then we think.

All I want you guys who read my post to do is not to believe me, but just to.

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