How to "never" get depressed or feel lonely or sucidal - The Secret to Bliss... "without pills"

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According to World Health Organisation (WHO), 350 million people across the world go through depression and loneliness. Due to this the suicide rates and psychological disorders are on an increase. Depression also causes over eating or under eating, etc. Many may not believe, but depression that causes psychological disorders to people, which can mentally affect people into doing murders or rapes to others out of frustration. Most of the serial killers once in their life have gone through some sort of depression, maybe child abuse or bullied unbearably, etc. which caused them to become a "Serial Killer". In fact depression itself is a serial killer of our brain and immunity.


  • So what is the main cause of "Depression and Loneliness"?
  • Why is it affecting such a vast population?
  • What are the best ways to prevent them?
  • Whats are the best ways to get out of depression and loneliness?
  • How to always stay happy?

Causes of Depression & Loneliness

There are many circumstances that causes depression, like child abuse, breakups, financial losses, jealousy, being jobless, education, loneliness, divorce, etc. I might not be able to comment on "child abuse" or "rapes", as that's way to intense, and only someone who has experienced it or have been researching on it can comment that how does it feel and what they went through and going through within themselves. However no matter what the cause of depression, there are some easy and wonderful ways to get out of it.


As for loneliness,

  • the most common cause is lack of friends being social,
  • not having good relationships, views don't match,
  • being physically challenged due to which you cannot have normal friends or do normal things or make fun of you,
  • inferiority complex coz of maybe finance or not looking good,
  • no one understands you coz of your out of the box thinking, or make fun of your views, etc.

No matter what the cause, loneliness and depression can be easily avoided by some of the most simple ways. And let me tell you one thing, "Introverts are not the ones who feel lonely". They live in their own world and prefer staying alone without feeling lonely at all. How? Well, that will be explained below.

The Secret to Bliss...

Ever wondered why most of the people no matter what they go through, never feel depressed and never feel lonely? Well because they don't take things seriously like the most, be it relationships, financial losses, divorce, etc. However some people cannot do this, especially people who are emotional and sentimental. Such people spend a lot of money going to psychiatrists, who gives you pills and tells you somethings to do, however not all, but most of these psychiatrists are here for money, psychologically the pills they write for you helps you temporarily, so whenever you feel depressed or suicidal or lonely, you take those pills, and you keep on taking them for almost your entire life. You get addicted to them like drugs and keep on going to them and pay them for your visits. You "DONOT" need pills to forget your past or overcome what you've been through or are currently going through. Money and pills can never buy you true permanent Bliss.


Here are some of the best ways to get out of depression and loneliness.

One of the best thing to do is to go back to your childhood, ask yourself what you always liked to do as a child or always kept saying to your parents what you wanted to become or always wanted to play with? There must be a hobby or a passion which u had as a kid, be it collecting stamps/coins or playing with animals or maybe just singing/music/games or a toy collecting hobby, but due to some reason you had to leave it or get rid of the stuff you always enjoyed collecting. " Start Again", even if its the most geeky hobby. Do not think what your friends or family will think about it, none of them will be there for you when you are really depressed or going through shit, they will either take advantage of the situation or just laugh or simply ignore. If you have such people around you, trust me they are not worthy of you friendship or relationship or as a family member.

When you have a hobby or a passion, it will give you a feeling of somewhere you belong. No judgments, no complexes, no nothing, no longer pretending to be someone you are not, its just you and your passion and your own comfort.


Another thing in this busy life. what people forget is to connect themselves. Loneliness sometimes can be a blessing in disguise, This might sound weird, but it can help you connect to yourself and to start over. Here is where people often make mistakes of either alcohol or smoking or drugs, when in fact what you need to do is travel or hiking or just for a long walk in wilderness with a book or music or your dog or nothing. Trust me, "Mother Nature and Time" are the best healers and antidepressant. Loneliness can become a stress only when you don't love yourself or are dependent. Sometimes socialize with yourself, trust me you are much more then what you think you are.


The best and easiest way to never get depressed is to NEVER loose the child in you.

  • Have you ever compared a baby and a dog?
  • Have you ever seen them depressed unless beaten or tortured?
  • What do u think they have in common? Innocence? Yes.

But they have one more amazing thing in common, that's finding joy and happiness in small things. Ever seen or heard a dog asking for an expensive dinner or a baby asking for an i-phone? NO. You give a baby a piece of broken toy, it will still play with it, Give a dog a punctured ball, it will still play with it and will find joy in it.

So what do you think i'm trying to tell you here?

One can find joy in the smallest of things, even if they are broken. Think of what you have rather than whats not. Broken things cannot be fixed, but broken hearts can. We often crib about what we are missing or what we dont have, then what we already have. Babies and dogs live in the now, there is alot to learn from them. Majority of the population have become too materialistic and greedy, which are the major causes of depression.

If you really what to know about life and joy, talk to a 5 year old or a 85-90 year old. Or adopt a dog. Certain things one cannot describe in words, you need to experience them.


The "WWPT" Disease

The worst disease that 99% of the population goes through is "WWPT" What Will People Think? If i say this or do this or that, etc. Screw them, they are non existent. If u find joy even doing even the "so called" most stupid things like maybe dancing in the rains or joining laughter club, "DO IT". Live in the moment.

Ever watched Mr. Bean? If not, go watch it..


Depressed and feeling lonely because of a relationship?

Well trust me this is the most stupid reason to get depressed for or feel lonely. If you really are looking for love in another partner and he or she breaks up with you after a while, the relationship never existed, it was a simple infatuation. This might sound cheesy, but a healthy relationship lasts forever. Ask someone who got married and never got divorced nor had big fights during their life. Im sure its hard to find such couples today, but they will be able to explain you in a better way. Today majority of the relationships are more for comfort or give n take or casual or fake or just infatuation.

The only true and unconditional love you can still find and experience is the love of a dog or love of a mother to her kids. Only these two can take a bullet for you, rest all is just a compromise. However there are 0.99% chances of finding such a true love in your partners.

Caution: do not make you BF or Gf or husband or wife read this.. ;).. lolzzz



There are just a handful of reasons to get depressed about, but tons of reasons to be happy. Ask people or watch the interviews of people who tried committing suicide, but did not die. Its the most stupid step that people take these days when feeling depressed. Love yourself, embrace yourself, you are unique. Be happy with what you have. Bygones are bygones, future is yet to come. Live in the now. If you have a dog, be the person your dog thinks you are. There is far more to explore in life. Travel even if you dont have much cash, travel doesnt mean visit different countries, there might be some interesting places close by too. Live for your hobby or passions. U never know when you are actually going to die. Don't be materialistic or judgmental. Accept life as life. Simply living your life is more joyful then ending it.

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