Artemis temple in Vravrona Greece.

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The Artemis temple with the museum is a must see for Falks who are interested in the old Greek history and culture. This temple lies 30 km east of Athens and is relativ unknown but is an historic location part of the great Greek ancient world. If you visit Athens this has to been seen. This is a small video i made with some interesting pictures. Njoy !


It looks deserted. Not many visitors there. I was in one of the smaller museums once and it was much quieter than the Acropolis in Athens, but still had a good number of people there. It was near one of the subway lines, but I don't remember where it was.

It is not deserted it is very well maintained and obtained but in covid times the visitors are not so many and specially for the time of the year this was taken end of September. The temple lies 35 km east of Athens and is quite easy to go there since there is a bus connection to Athens. Of course you can not compare it with the Acropolis but still is a very interesting place with great history and a fantastic location.

Deserted means not many people. I think you might be thinking I said, "abandoned".
Of course there will be less people there during covid-19 restrictions, which makes it a great time to go, since you have more freedom and less of a crowd to get in your way. I prefer to go to museums and such when there are few people there.

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