The different States of Dreaming

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I've invested quite a lot of time investigating the dreaming world. From normal dreams to lucid dreams and finally astral travel and projection.

Dreaming has literally shown me that it can be stronger than life at times. And It seems the more interest i throw at the subject the more vivid it gets.

Let's have a look at the types of dreams and what they hold from my personal observation.

Normal Dreams


The normal dreams are composed of subconscious segments that get repressed as we go about in the day/days.They act as a sort of outlet so we can dump that which doesn't fit us.
That's why they are so uncontrollable and random. We have all these stuff that we've seen and felt presented to us as structures.

Emotions, feelings and thoughts can manifest as objects in dreams, that's what makes them so oddly constructed at times.

There is nothing so special about casual dreaming. Most of them aren't vivid and don't leave such an impact as we forget them quickly.

Lucid Dreaming


This to me is the buffed version of normal dreaming, where your consciousness stops flowing hand to hand with the subconscious mind and takes over the steering wheel. Despite thst the subconscious mind still has dominance over the scenarios and the scenery. The more you develop control over lucid dreaming the more you can change things consciously.

I really don't like lucid dreaming because I know that my mind can always dig up some negative junk I got stored in me and shove it in my face.

Astral Travel


Ok so on my scale this is the third level of dreaming. I honestly think that this is something else than dreaming but due to the lack of means to be proven I will label it as dreaming.

This is like normal dreams with the difference that you are thrown at places unknown to man and have the ability to socialize with different people which you've never seen before. Personally I've seen some breath taking stuff while Astral Travelling.

One time I was so amazed of a city which had a nebula floating over the city skylight, that I took out my phone to take pictures of it, afterwards taking a look if they were there when I wake up. Sadly they weren't :D

Astral Projection


Honestly it is really hard for me to say that this is dreaming. It's one of the most shocking experiences and I try not to do it because of the things I see. Basically astral projection Is placing yourself or more the less your body in a paralyzed stat, afterwards ripping yourself from it, and it does feel strange, also its really, and I do say REALLY intense.

I'm not that into astral projection, so if you want to read more about it, better find different sources.


The greatest thingfor me to do is to astral travel.. I really love exploring and seeing amazing stuff.

Have you tired any of the aforementioned? Leave a comment in curious to know what experiences you've had.

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wow , I looking this kind of information
thanks for share


Np thanks for stopping by ^


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I wish I could travel/dream consciously like you. But I don't really remember my dreams and, like you, am not into astral projection. I agree that it's intense and like being ripped out of your body. I've had quite a few experiences of that. I've never tried to induce it, although I did experiment at one time with binaural beats to try and learn to control it......but if you're not fully prepared for an astral episode, they can be unpleasant. I've had to "think myself back into my body" several times. I'm in my 50s so research will have moved on since I was getting these episodes but my impression has been that there is a lot of glamourisation of astral travel when it's not really that nice, not in my rather boring experience anyway. Although there have been a couple of episodes that have been amazing and can only be described as "celestial" so I find it all rather confusing (hence, I guess, the term "astral", generally used by some to mean "not with the real world").


Practice makes perfect, but yeah these are waters of yhe unknown seas. I do hold some information from personal research but i restrained myself from sharing some stuff. When i have the right words and experience to refine my studies, then i can think about sharing esoterical stuff.. Hope i buy a laptop soon to finish my book, I'm going to focus most of my studies there.

Also thanks for stopping by 😊


Thanks, vangelov - I like your writing and look forward to seeing any of your personal research. I didn't realised that hadn't upvoted you so I have now (my votes aren't worth much but it all helps towards the new laptop :-)

I love my dream life but don't examine it too closely. From the sounds of it I do a lot of Astral Travel. What do you think about prophetic and ancestral dreams? Oh and last night I dreamt of sitting at work listening to the radio. I remember which DJ's show it was on, and a bulletin came on announcing America had declared war on China.


I've had a bunch of them honestly and all were right. Some are hard to interpret but do come true. The hardest part is figuring out what's prophetic and what's not :D otherwise they really do come true. I haven't had much ancestral dreams but I've had great visions in deep meditations showing me these kinds of ancestral stuff.
I am not quite sure about the meaning of your dream though.. Try to see what emotional responses you had in your dream.


Hahahaha absolutely none.

When I was pregnant with my third child my grandmother came to me and enveloped me in a stong pink light which I knew to symbolise her love and protection. I heard the words "be strong". I very nearly died with the birth, in fact there was not much hope for me to survive. I remembered her words and felt her protection.

A few years later I had an experience of evil affecting my family that was way worse than my death. I heard her words again.

I've seen her again, as well as other members of my family briefly. And a staff member who passed on. Showing me everything was ok.

Coincidence I read this post today. As I woke up I was conscious of dreaming? (Or was it something else?) At anyrate, feeling very worried about the baby rhino I was trying to keep cool and hydrated in a toilet. A clean toilet. All I can think is that my worrying about global warming is seeping into my subconscious. But what is that state right before you wake up?

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