The Street is my Aquarium

in life •  4 months ago


Card sharks float in a sea of bricks while schools look on amongst the coral

On the tides of the street where wall and curb meet greets the eye to floral

All full of colour onlookers in wonder that it all might be true

I reflect on the day in display and stop. And ask you

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Great post on street art it's many levels of art and all are great @vandigital thanks @garrettwallace


I did a post previously highlighting my trip down Toronto's Graffiti Alley.. Wish I was artistically inclined that way, I'll just stick to rapping.. lol.. Thanks @garrettwallace


And make a video and put on dtube lol chase the stars friend

@garrettwallace Yes! I've got the video on DLive I think..


You do great work vandigital