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RE: Why I Hate Job Interviews

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Hang on - apart from being a very entertaining post as usual - stop fishing for compliments all the time lol.

Job interview - two people is a no go - i had it when I started my current job but that is middle age stuff - we have job interviews where at least three people from the company will nail you lol.

The stupid questions like What would you say is one of your weaknesses? are still there and you know for sure how to tackle them turning your weakness in a strength - not difficult for talents like you @trafalgar

Stealing Blondes or get them laid is sth every employers knows you will try - solution from our side - female colleagues look like this:

The rest is where i need to dive into tomorrow (maybe I lie) as I have no time now! But sure you will achieve any goal you might have not nailed yet! Namaste!


@uwelang What a pretty face :D Is that your dog?

hmmm - not allowed to mention real ID :-)

hahaha fair enough :)

No you always take a positive and spin it into a negative. "My issue is that I always want to take on more work and sometimes don't understand my own limitations. I am always eager to help my teammates and as long as the team is successful then it shines a good light on all of us." You can use that, I give you permission. :)