Comfort and Tranquility

in life •  3 months ago


The habit of drinking coffee that is already there and rooted in the community in Aceh in general and North Aceh in particular and surrounding areas more and more developed when the volunteers and workers were enjoying the atmosphere of a coffee shop. The roots of the tradition of drinking coffee and sitting in a coffee shop may be said long enough. Looking at historical facts about the intense communication between the Sultanate of Aceh and the Ottoman Empire that is now located in the outer regions, perhaps the habit of visiting the coffee shop has long existed among the people of Aceh.


The migrants also feel the need for a comfortable public space. The development of a coffee shop or a modern cafe is called lately because of the economic opportunities associated with the needs of that public space. The Acehnese seized the opportunity to start a business by opening a new shop with a more super service.


After the morning prayer until the evening we can meet people from various circles are in the coffee shop. Any chat is in the coffee shop, from political, economic, to art affairs and other affairs also be discussed here.

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