Talk about tough luck

in #life2 months ago

I havent seen one of these in years ...


And the first one i see is dead on the frozen grounds of limbo ...

It's like an omen.

Actually im not an expert but by the size id think its not even a fully grown owl. The last one i saw , in a tower somewhere on the road from here to ratcity must have been 3 or more times this size.

WHAT A WASTE (like this hole place)

i meant to spell that :)

yea its like an omen for 2022 ... (these guys basically say 1) you cant just train half the planet into another occupation as if everyone can sit in traffic for 14 or 16 hours a day not losing focus while loading and unloading, from in then morning to 9 at evening - and then still have to park home) and 2) the ones who can fix it are the ones who benefit from the divide and the ones making HELLA-money off of this for two years now ...)

so how likely is it ?

well its not just tyrnannoght anymore

its Janes Onderground (that thing you created where i once was, which now is we ... and lost souls ... i think death follows us and it wails a lot)


well, the bird was dead when i found it - otherwise maybe i could have tried ...

i dont think there are too many of those as i said, its YEARS since i saw one

merry christmas ....

owls are people too !


little animals are the first to pay, just sad about the young falcon. he who hunts and keeps us safe from the vermin and rodents not your average pigeon, but symbol of royalty ...

hmm ... falcon

you might have point there ...

im not the Fauci on local birds lol

it IS

the consequence of too many humans as usual

a sad symbol indeed :)

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