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I can't take it anymore I'm letting it all out.
I'm tired of school, don't get me wrong I'm not tired of learning neither am I tired of education, I'm just tired of the school system.
It is just too narrow for me, I currently have a lot of exposure and ideas that I have to explore which I believe will take me to the next level but school is sapping all my time and energy, even my brain power too.

Other knowledge don't count.

In a short period of time I have learnt a lot based on experiences that has made me a better person, financially, emotionally, academically and other ways but there is no way of fusing all my extracurricular knowledge into my school work and earn extra credit for them. You might excel in others things but just because you can't remember what you were taught months ago the exact way you were taught it will crown you a failure in school.
WTF! Books isn't even up to half of my life!


I know there are good teachers out there, shout out to you all. But some other teachers are hell, literally killing you for every tiny bit of mistake. Some don't even want the job, they should be on a rice field or something. I'm currently writing a paper and have no guidance, my supervisor ruled out my first work as trash and still didn't explain what I'm supposed to do!

I'm in my University semester and I don't even know if I can take any more. I have learnt more on Steemit than in those four walls.

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Lovely post man, been a while since I saw you write anything other than crypto.


Lol. As the spirit leads.

I feel you pain bro, I do.


Can't wait to be done.

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I'll read it.