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That looks nice... i need to ask @desmond41 to please send a few steem or sbd from my account tomorrow to @booster or @yensesa or @postpromoter to make sure this is on the front page

Never had a friend like STEEM

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akuna matada

Ima get teh San Diego Padres a SMT also scorum and BET... Scorum and colin kapernick and indpendent football oh fuck dude
dude its happening like were alreayd billionaires bro this aint no p[assin craze, akuna matada, steem means no worries for the rest of your days
all the old people in america are about to start buying steem once coinbase adds it bro its gonna be fuckin massive



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Resteemed. This is looks quite pretty. I guess @ackza has one already. Nice chain though. Good to share @truestory157

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