Super Red Moon, Lunar Eclipse

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A lunar eclipse is that orientation of earth moon and sun when the moon is in between. The year 2018 is the year of SUPER LUNAR ECLIPSE. The first one took place on January 31st which was also known as the super BLUE MOON eclipse. This time on 27th of July we witnessed the last super lunar eclipse of 2018 even without any eye protection, it is also called as SUPER RED MOON. Well! This year we witnessed a red as well as a blue moon, what a year, at least now we can talk boastfully with our kids in the nearby future about witnessing two lunar eclipses in a single calendar year. Well, next time we will witness the same event on AUGUST, 6 2036 if my calculations are correct. This eclipse remained for an hour and 43 minutes. Yesterday at 05:43 UTC moon was its farthest point from earth which is known as Apogee due to which it appeared smaller in size and less dark, so this day is also referred as a MICRO MOON. One more thing that I would like to share yesterday Earth and Mars were opposite to each other which made the Red planet to glow even brighter.

Now there are some mythological beliefs about the lunar eclipse. Like the menstrual cycle of a female moon also rejuvenates the same manner, so somewhat somehow shapes of the moon are related to life events of a female. It is estimated that whatever changes that took place in 28 days in the female can take place in 3 hours in a lunar eclipse. It means the multiplication rate of vegetation and bacteria can multiply during a total lunar eclipse, so it is recommended not to take meal during lunar eclipses, as the bacterial and viral growth is maximum at that time.

Now next query, IS IT SAFE TO TAKE ALCOHOL DURING AN ECLIPSE? Well, alcohol and other fermented beverage are concerned least with bacterial and fungal growth, so it is believed that taking alcohol or water is considered safe during an eclipse. Well! Good news for Party animals indeed.

DOES AN ECLIPSE AFFECT ANIMAL BEHAVIOUR? It’s a known fact that cats and dogs can see those frequencies that humans can't, so we can expect a short-term behavioral pattern change during an eclipse due to abnormal lighting conditions.

CAN WE TRAVEL? : In ancient times travelers rely upon moon for night traveling, but time has changed we are living in a world of scientific temperament, so it makes no sense of avoiding long journeys during an eclipse so need not to worry about just go wherever you want.

CAN IT AFFECT OUR SLEEP? Practically no! But thinking about this event, again and again, can make you to worry a bit which may lead to insomnia, so don’t think much about it, take it as a normal, natural event.

Last but not the least I would conclude by adding the fact that these events are totally natural they effect least on human beings, so no need to stop your work or to worry about just do your work these events are concerned least with.


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