How to master the art of selling

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How to master the art of selling

How to master the art of selling

The sale is the provision of the commodity or the service, in return for the money, and the sale leads in any case to the disposal of the commodity, and the access of individuals to the products they need in their lives in general, such as food, clothing, appliances, electrical appliances, and many other products, but the consumer's need is not always motivation The seller's style and skill in selling are the ones that paid to complete the sale, and the process of sale of art must be taken into account to make the process useful and fruitful and this is what we will submit in the article.

Know the customer's need

The seller must learn how to know the customer's request; from the first moment of entering the store; and searching for the item he wants; this facilitates the sale process, completes it as soon as possible, and when the customer begins to walk around the shop and identify the products; The vendor side; and, if necessary, choose the appropriate time;

Knowledge of the nature of the commodity

It is essential that the seller know the nature of the commodity available in the shop for which he works; this includes knowing the type of product, the features of its use, the method of use, explaining the details of the product and presenting it to the buyer, If the buyer asks for help from the seller, he must provide advice after making sure that the product is suitable for the buyer's need, and then leave the option open to him.

Good handling

It is advisable to welcome the next seller to the shopping and welcome; to the patience of some customers who ask a lot of questions, and they like to negotiate with the seller on the price of the item, or to change later; It is also necessary that the seller understands that no fault to the customer when subjected to pressure at work, Any problem between the seller and the shop owner or the manager at work; avoid the customer's disaffection, frown, or work from customers.

Gaining experience

The mastery of the art of selling is not easy; the seller has the patience to acquire the experience and the skills and the stability in a shop; many new vendors move within short periods of time between workplaces, reducing the chances of gaining experience from a particular location, The seller also.

See the experiences of others

There are many professional models in the art of selling around the world, which can be found and used, and try to apply the methods followed by professionals in the field of sales, and can receive advice from other sellers, who are good at selling in the same business, or see nearby experiences In the same business environment.

the Truthfulness and honesty

The seller should certify the customers in the nature of the item offered and not provide misinformation about it; such as exaggerating the effectiveness and quality of the product or increasing its price; or manipulating the production and expiry date of the consumer product such as foodstuffs and various juices; In the composition of the product, such as the seller in the pastry restaurant reduces the amount of cheese inside (Almnakesh), or makes the thickness of cheese thin, on the surface of a loaf (pizza).

By Fatima Machala


Thanks for this beautiful piece of information

Nice work keep it up

it is all about finding your customers. and keep them busy with your magics

Before you can communicate directly with your customer, you should spend time to understand who your customer is. This will depend on the type of product you sell, your aptitude and other factors, but the basic information will be the same.

For example, if you are a car salesman, you need to know that customers come to buy you a car. This is very clear, but the truth is that it is missed by the sellers. Similarly, if you are a real estate agent, people come to you to buy a house or sell a house. If you want to be a sales professional, you need to understand their basic needs before interacting with customers. The sales process has a lot of complex components, but the sales process starts with understanding the basic needs of the customer.

I am a marketing expert and I like your expression very much. thanks for your nice share :)

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