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Ever wondered why having a teacher constantly talk down on a student worsens the student ability to perform better, or why having a non supporting, nagging wife affects the productivity of the husband or why constantly getting your applications rejected dampens your belief in whatever you are offering?

The answer isn’t far fetched as the scenarios I have earlier mentioned does damage to the minds of victims of these cases. The mind they say is our only limitation but the world has seen great minds like Einstein turn that limitation into strength, so what really is this limitation?


Without getting into the exam mood on that question, I believe that limitations are just barriers placed by ourselves on our minds based on what society tells us is or isn’t possible.

Now what really affects the productivity of the student or the husband isn’t really what is being said to them, as the words themselves are meaningless without interpretations, rather it is the belief of whatever interpretation the recipient gives it that creates a limitation in their mind which in turn affects their output. You might need to read this paragraph again to fully grasp what I’m driving at.

What made people the world acknowledged as great minds to be who they are is the fact that they interpreted unfavorable conditions favorably, so instead of losing drive over a certain disappointment, it motivates them to go that extra mile.


So imagine if when somebody calls you DUMB you interpret it to mean DISASTERS USUALLY MOTIVATE BACKUPS and we both know that having backup means you already have more than enough, so the person is simply saying you’ve got more than enough potentials to rise up from your present state and soar like the eagle, never be mentally enslaved to the idea that you aren’t enough, because you my friend are the answer to someone’s prayer.

When they say you FAILed, they only mean you’ve FOUND ANOTHER INTERESTING LESSON and lessons are only learning pages on the path to a great achievement. This of course is not to make you feel good about laziness but to motivate that hard and smart worker inside you to take charge.

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