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RE: Welcome to the Human Kindness Project - A positive newsfeed on Steem - Intro and Rules to qualify

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I get what you are saying, however I think this way we can encourage people to think about the times they were helped by someone and maybe take action in helping someone else. The person who gets helped will maybe help another person etc.. Sort of a ripple effect. If you read a lot of stories about people who are helping others, you might get inspired to do the same and I believe this way the whole project can have a wider impact :)


Maybe, but that´s not sure. Now think about this, if every dolphin or whale in steemit use 1 daily upvote in a GOOD post from a ramdon minnow from let´s say... Venezuela, Don´t you think that it will have a wider effect?
Do you really thing that there is a better way to do right things other than actually doing them? Talking about how someone help another instead of helping is imho useless. People learn by example, you could tell a million tales about kindness but if noone practice it, noone will follow.

Sure, I would love for every dolphin or whale to do just that, my intention is that through creating this account they might get inspired by reading many RAK stories from around the world and actually start doing something themselves like for example upvoting posts from people who need it and bring quality to the platform. It is very hard to reach them, but let's say they see a whole trending page full of stories about good deeds, one of them might start something big. That would be amazing no? This project is about changing the focus onto helping others.

Hope it works...