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When you have no trouble to falling asleep at night, you may be one of a few lucky people.

Lack of sufficient, good quality sleep takes a toll on nearly every aspect of our lives, everything from health, to mood, to safety, to job performance. The good news is…all is not lost. With a bit of knowledge, a bit of planning and a bit of patience, we can learn how to fall asleep fast!

And here it is the tips for you to get a good night sleep fast.

1. Avoid Naps
Try not to nap if you possibly can. Sleeping during the day makes it difficult to fall sleep at night. If you absolutely must, limit naps to a power nap of 20 minutes.

2. Limit beverages that interfere.
We all know that caffeine makes it difficult to fall asleep, but we may not be aware that alcohol interferes as well, as does drinking too much water right before bedtime.

3. Exercise during the day.
Exercise improves our health and also improves our sleep by reducing stress. The caveat, don’t exercise within 3 hours before bedtime. The adrenaline will keep you awake.

4. Mind what you eat.
Have a light dinner. Heavy meals may be difficult to digest and indigestion may make it difficult to fall asleep. But don’t go to bed hungry. Hunger keeps you awake. Eat a light snack shortly before bedtime. Snacks like bananas, greek yogurt and hummus will help you sleep better.

5. Turn off the TV and computer.
This kind of stimulation tells the brain to be alert when it’s supposed to be winding down and has been proven to reduce sleep quality.

However, these sleep details can make the difference between falling asleep faster and getting a restful night’s sleep or staring at the ceiling tiles.

So, i hope this tips will help you to get sleep faster. Maybe i will post another tips for you guys on the next post.
Thanks for reading.



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