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Hello everybody from Steemfest! It's been really great to meet people that I've been speaking to for so long and to put faces to the names!


Last night we witnessed @sneak DJ'ing from our secret location in the roof. I don't think we were meant to be up here...


Following this (and all the free drinks) we got incredibly lost in the streets of Lisbon


In more serious news.. I've had a good chance to chat to different people about @steemsongs and possible integrations that could make it work to properly integrate with the back end including @ned @andrarchy and @prc.

Steem-Coming-Soon copy.jpg

You can still submit your original song for @Steemsongs - see this post for more information

IMAGE 2017-11-04 16:07:19.jpg

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Photography and share your feelings are very nice with wonderful people i mean steemit community, thanks for sharing @thisisbenbrick

Living the dream! You are enriching your life in a way that is priceless! Thanks for sharing my friend.

Looks awesome man! I hope to go next year

Yeeees finally another post!!! It was so nice to meeting you

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It sounds like a lot of fun!
There are a lot of people I really want to see.😃

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Hey Ben. It was great to meet you. I had such a blast at Steemfest, but I'm home now. We need some events in London some time


Would be great to have a UK event, I might stand a chance of attending :)

Yes, it was a great chat with you man! :) Since you'll stay a bit longer, let me know when you want to continue the conversation... In the meantime enjoy Lisbon! ;)

Great to here the updates! I will stay tuned!

Nice post! I’m @moromaro.
One of Japanese teams.
please follow me.

Always good to find cool neighbours in here :)

so awesome. need to be there one day... Def gonna manifest that dream so awesome

Hey @thisisbenbrick, was good chillin with you at steemfest2. Loving the group pic with @berniesanders and those fingers. I think I actually have a picture of you and your accomplices up in your secret location......... To blackmail or not to black mail, that is the question.