Your Job May Be Stealing Your Dreams and Creativity!!!

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How much time are you actually dedicating to the job you dislike?

First of all if you have a job you should be grateful that you are working and able to earn some money.
But lets be honest - there are many people who do not like the job they are working because its not fulfilling.

Most people believe they are only dedicating 40hrs a week to their job.

But lets look at some numbers here....

I will relate this example to my old work schedule to put things into prospective.

Ok here we go...

My work schedule was from 8:30 -5pm

I would wake up at 7am and begin to get ready-- shower, get dressed, eat a snack, and head off to work. I would have to do this within 30 minutes because I needed to be on the freeway as soon as I could because there would guaranteed be traffic. Now I would sit in traffic
very frustrated because I knew where I was going and knew exactly what the day was going to look like at work.

Now ... I would usually get to work 10 minutes early and sit in my car until about 2 minutes before I would have to clock in. I wouldn't dare walk in early. Does this sound like you?

Now I already dedicated 1 1/2 hours and I haven't even started working yet.

I would now log into my phone and begin taking calls. ( YES... It was a call center) and 80% of the calls would be angry customers. And lets just imagine as soon as you get to work you have someone chewing your ear off. Now I am sure know one wants to begin work being annoyed. This would go on through out the day.
One day as I sat at my desk daydreaming - I thought to myself " What was that great idea I had the other day"? I couldn't remember because I didn't write it down and I was just too caught up in the day to day.

Once my shift was over I would get back on the highway a sit in traffic once again for about 1 1/2.

Even though I was not physically working anymore - the time I was sitting in traffic was still revolved around my job schedule.

Now - lets say run some errands, go to a bar, watch some tv, hang with friends or what ever it is you do after work. There will come a time when that moment hits you and you remember.... Crap I have work in the morning. Now you must prepare for the next day. Which requires more time revolved around your job. Even though I was working 40hrs a week. I was still dedicating a lot more time than that to the job.

I realized I didn't spend much time creating new projects or even focusing on my dreams. I was just caught up in the rat race I guess.

But anyone can overcome this and the 1st step is to switch your focus. And I will tell you how.

Well I need to take my daughter to Toys R Us now so this will be continued very shortly.....

Next post Headlines.
-Switching Your Focus.
-What is your Passion - What do you do well with the easiest amount of effort.
-Gratitude gets you to where you want to go a lot faster.
-Visualize your dreams and feel good doing it.

To be continued.....

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I wish I had read this 20 years ago :) Sound advice.