After the rain will appear rainbow - Zoku

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I know that anyone in life will expect a family with a "stable", the purpose of their lot: Maybe they want lasting happiness rare, they would work well, they estimated the family, friends always by their side.

But life can not foretell anything. Today I was the only person happy, the other day, I was one among the world's dust. In the journey, if I only look at the first and last point, I would not have the courage to walk.

Yet a part of me always thought that in the difficult period of life, they continued walking. They go to cruise to re-evaluate themselves, their experience, and their failure to be able to continue to find a faith is full of positive life.

Then I understand, time or age is not the only thing that constantly move in life. Even when I was sad, even when failed, partly myself still strong and are continually looking for ways to save me

Today I think a lot between boring job, she boss is cranky uncomfortable. My job is not finished.

I've estimated there will be a miracle happened and take away all the suffering for a good night's sleep, appeared rainbow after rainy days.

Maybe today I'm not happy, but I hope after a nap. I will be energetic and fight with this life. Thank you for listening to something small.


bức hình đẹp quá, trông bạn thật xinh

Thank you, I think this is a cute praise Lol

yeb. what is lol?

Today, you don't helf your sister to do her homework. She feeling so sad :((

You should do the work yourself, live independently and do not rely on your sister too much

Try to the best, It's not another way because life not easy!

okay, because life not easy, I will have more positive thoughts

of courses, a sad news that meetup not organize in Saigon! I was hope but now i'm hopeless