It's Time To Find A New Gym For My Next Yearly Membership !!

in life •  6 months ago

Hello All Dear Steemit Friends,

So guys as you all know that how much i love doing exercises and fitness stuffs and also how i transformed myself from fat to fit and you can read my post about that by clicking below link.

My Journey From Fat To Fit (Everything Is Possible If You Do Hardwork To Make It Possible) !!

So basically this month my gym membership is finally expired and now i want to join a new gym with more advanced equipments to improve myself more.

So from last two day iam searching more and more Gyms to find a best one for me and i got confused between Mutifit Gym and Gold's Gym and today i want to share some pictures of Mutifit Gym but unfortunately i accidentally deleted Gold Gym's photos so let's see how is Mutifit Gym looks like :-







So as you can see this gym is based on Core Strength and they got no Electric Machine There bcz. Their motive is only to build muscle strength,

So now i will keep you updated about which gym iam going to choose for my next one year membership and let me know your thoughts about this gym in the comments below.

Thanks For Reading My Post

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Great pictures...I like the yellow and black colouring of that gym. It looks good but it doesn't have a treadmill in case you wanted to do some running/jogging. I don't know about the other gym but if I were you, I would choose the less crowded one so you can use the equipment optimally :)


Ya you are right that having a treadmill us really important, especially for people like me who love cardio bcz it helps me to be in shape, and the other gym is also good and iam going to visit them Maybe Today,so keep you guys updated about my next membership.