My Life Yesterday, 6.2.18 #ulog

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Yesterday was definitely a food day!

First meal of the day was this delicious mish mash of steak, cheese, onions and peppers. Dipped in a little spicy salsa... so good!


Since it was Saturday, I went shopping with my friend for food supplies to cook in the evening.

We first went to the Asian market where I found these huge bottles of Sambal!!! If I had an extra fridge I would definitely pick one of these up but as it is right now I have nowhere to store such a massive jar of the stuff.


After that we went to a regular old grocery store and I got bored at the checkout so I took a picture of the nonsense on the shelves there 😆.

It’s kind of funny how expensive everything is at these kind of grocery stores, and it always annoys me that my friend wants to shop there.

It’s literally at least 2x more expensive than other grocery stores but they have “points” or something like that which don’t nearly make up for the difference in cost. He’s also a stubborn person and is very set in his ways, though he has been changing lately which is refreshing.


Now to the cooking. The nights theme was Chinese food, so first up was broccoli beef.

I marinated the beef first and then got it cooking with some fresh chopped garlic.


Dumped the broccoli in and made a quick sauce with xanthan gum to coat everything and it was done!


After that I cooked up some Kung pao chicken. It was somewhat of a similar process to cooking the broccoli beef, except I started out frying some chili’s in the oil before cooking the marinated chicken and garlic. I then added the veggies (onion, bell pepper, and bamboo shoot slices) added some cashews, and coated it in a spicy sauce, also thickened with xanthan gum.


When it was all cooked up, I served it over some cauliflower rice. It was delicious! The Kung pao chicken turned out the best, though the broccoli beef was also very good.

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Until next time...

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This looks delicious, healthy and yummy 😂 @theb0red1. Hope to try it sometime.


Glad you like it, and thanks for stopping by!

oh this food looks really great 👍 enjoy and have a great day!


Yes it was!

Thanks for reading!