My Life Yesterday, 6.15.18 #ulog

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Hey everyone!

Yesterday at work was just another Friday... I kind of felt like this frog, just clinging to the wall trying to keep it all together.

This whole week I’ve been feeling a bit in a slump, and I just want it all to be over with.

It’s times like this that, despite liking my job, I wish I didn’t have to work (or at least work as much). As I’m going about the work day, my mind begins to wander, thinking about all the people who are better off than me that I do work for, how much easier and enjoyable their lives must be, how they can afford to take trips (let alone days off), etc etc etc...

But then I have to remind myself that there are many many more people who aren’t as well off as me and would be envious of the life I have. I’m also better off than even just a year ago since I did get a raise and live in an apartment with proper working air conditioning and my own private bathroom.

I’m really thankful and grateful for where I am in life right now, it’s just sometimes when you’re left alone with your thoughts negative thoughts and emotions can come swirling back up and kick you down when you’re not expecting it.


When I got off work, I was feeling tired and lazy, and a friend of mine texted asking if I wanted to come over to eat. I’m hindsight, this was a Bad Idea... More on that tomorrow (maybe).

To start off was this enormous salad that was quite good. Avocado, boiled egg, ham, bacon, cheese...

It was really good and satisfying.

But then my friend had these stupid little Atkins personal pizzas that he cooked, one for each of us.


Honestly, I am not a fan. It’s definitely in the category of “hot garbage” and has a disgusting overly sweet taste to it (whyyyy?????) that I cant tell for sure where it comes from but I think it comes from the sausage crumbles.

Lately I have been trying to eat better and this was a major slipup, but i have a bit of a history with this friend and food.

Basically our friendship revolves almost entirely around food. We used to always go out to fast food, buffets, pizza and wings, etc. However, a few months ago he decided to clean up his diet and has lost some weight doing keto.

Not sure if he’s lost his way on the keto diet, but the meal we ate was barely passable as keto lol.

Those Atkins pizzas may say low carb, but the reaction I had the next day tells me otherwise...

Anyways, that wasn’t all we ate... Did I mention as part of our shared food history it involves a lot of overeating? 🤢


So this was my thing of ice cream that I ate, and he ate another one for himself.

From the way I’ve been eating lately, this was a definite binge and a bit of a shock to my system. The food was good (besides the pizza), but I felt really terrible pretty soon afterwards. Like I never wanted to eat again in my life!

Well, I think I’ve said enough about that for now...! 😆

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Until next time...

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