Embrace Failure- an Interview With Tijo- Viajeros De Amor Por El Mundo,GRACIAS!

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Practicing being comfortable in front of the camera.

A few weeks ago a beautiful couple visited, local Costa Ricans and friends who had been travelling, recently returned home. They were visiting the countries in Central and South America after feeling super inspired from their travels they wanted to ask me some questions about how I had managed my success my time and failures.. It was great they came over with friends, we all had dinner together and played music, delicious, they knew just what I liked a home cooked meal and acoustic music. I couldn't have asked for any more impromptu spontaneity! We sat down in the morning for an interview. They ask me a little bit about my back ground. My choices in life and some of my biggest lessons of embracing failure, difficulty and the things in life that meet us with resistance every step of the way.

Being excited about the battles that we do win, the lessons we get from our losses, and taking the time to appreciate the place that we have gotten to and all that it offers.

Arcane Conclusion

It felt great to have someone ask me for an interview. It was short but this time practicing sharing my thoughts in front of the camera is very humbling. I am not perfect and I make mistakes and fail all the time.Im constantly losing battles and learning from those experiences. Sometimes it feels like it takes me longer than I would like to make it over the hurdle, but I seem to continually find my errors and work on ways to heal and adjust those weaknesses. Learn to nurture and nature oneself into acceptance.

Thank you for following along the journey with the arcane bear!

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TIjo @thearcanebear ~ Thank you for following along in our journey. We appreciate you!

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thanks for the info. very useful :)
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That was awesome and yup I shared it!

Really enjoyed the interview, you're fast becoming a pro! Upvoted and resteemed.
Chinese word for crisis, wer chi, has two meanings: danger and opportunity. Your interpretation spot on!

Nice interview. Thank you. Upvoted!