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Title: Wisdom teeth must be unplugged?

  The teeth of Erbao didn't know how it was. There were a few teeth under the front row of doors. There were some blacks on them. Like the kind of ink spread, after brushing with a toothbrush for a period of time, it was not as dark as before, but there was a total I don't think it's very beautiful. In addition, what I worry about most is that the black, unknown east or west spreads or spreads to other teeth. It's not so good.

Last week, the dental department number of the cum University Hospital was hung on the phone in advance, and the doctor was seen early in the morning. This department of dentistry is not as easy as registration for other departments. If you change to other departments, for example, I used to hang children's internal medicine before, and there are no more than one week in advance. No number can only be seen in the emergency department, but in the emergency department The doctor, although I think it is all-powerful, may be more suitable than a specialist.

Now that the hospital has started implementing mobile registration, it is no longer necessary to take a number in the hospital. It feels very convenient. Previously linked to the Internet, to the hospital also need to find the machine to queue for a number, there are many feelings of this move, now hold your previous appointment of the phone, you can go directly to your department report.  

 The patients in the Department of Stomatology were not many on Monday. After waiting about a few minutes, it was their turn to see a doctor. To see the teeth need to lie in the machine bed, Erbao is too young to climb but can not climb, I look at him on the edge feel very funny, just hold him up.

The doctor who sees the teeth today is a very young man. The black thing he saw after telling me is the pigment. It will not be infected and spread. It may be that children who stay at the teeth during the evening feeding are not cleaned in time, and the body is calcium. Too much cause. . . In fact, I did not understand quite a lot of things I heard, but I heard that the pigments will not spread, and my heart will be practical.
  Then he gave himself another look. During this doctor's examination, I mentioned my wisdom tooth, suggesting that I find time to unplug it. My impression of wisdom teeth is actually not good. I remember that in previous years there were times when the wisdom teeth became inflamed. I couldn't bear to feel the pain. I tried to pull out the doctor and said that I had to wait until the inflammation was good before I could unplug it. After the inflammation was cured, I was not careful about it. I felt that since I was okay, why would I go for further trouble? This is what I really like.

And this time when the doctor mentioned my wisdom tooth and recommended me to unplug it again, I was hesitant. Must the wisdom tooth be pulled out? The problem is that there are four wisdom teeth on both sides. At least two operations are required to perform the operation. This can be a real psychological stress for people like me who have bloody heads.

The doctor's words, I think it makes sense, recalling the memory of the painful experience that the wisdom tooth inflammation had brought me, and I’m eager to pull it out, but I’m thinking about the pains I’m going to have to perform several times, and the resulting pain. Thinking again began to retreat. . .

Wisdom teeth must be unplugged? Can't get along well? This is really guilty. 

This article written by my friend: rivalhw 
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Weird. I cannot see how wisdom tooth can be unplugged at all.