The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love - Hubert H. Humphrey

in life •  5 months ago


This is a good thought about what matters in life. Friendship is a healing environment when people can support and care for each other. Make it your practice to provide friendship and love wherever possible. - Terry Brock

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I concur @terrybrock 100%. Nothing can beat it. Both these two attributes !! ( is "attributes" a proper way to describe them ?? lol )


Thank you, @robertandrew. I guess you could use "attributes" in some cases, but in this case it might be something different. Both of these experiences (perhaps) or values. You've got me thinking on that one and I appreciate it! Thank you for stopping by again. Always nice to have you come over for a visit.

Friendship is the most important thing in life. We can not live without friends
Love is important


So nice to hear from you, @roselover. Yes, friendship is so important. When we have friends, we can talk, share great times and learn a lot from them.

Thank you for all you do. It is always nice to hear from you.

As Jesus said the most important command is to love your God and To love your neighbour as you love yourself.

And especially when they are everlasting!!! Couldnt agree more!!

This is really true, what we can achieve with love and friendship can't be reached by other things. Stay healthy always and happy to be connected with your channel.