Craving the sun, dreaming of love

in life •  3 months ago 

This picture is my last sun in Frankfurt since I arrived in a rainy home. I left it behind in Europe to go back to a rainy London. I am living in the past since then as my mind refuses to embrace the rain :) I remembered of an old wild love that happened on a sunny island and I remembered how much I miss the embrace of a beloved one. I guess is pretty normal to crave the life in your dreams. The funny thing is that the love from the sunny island wasn't perfect so is now part of the past, but when I am in a complaining mood I only remember what I chose 😂😂

Maybe I need to move to a sunny island and to find what's my next topic to complain about. My mind is like an endless game and if I let her she can bitch about a sunny beach faster than you can smile. Is ok to be restless and to have moments when everything looks like from the wrong picture. Everywhere you go you take yourself with you so unless you are already enlighten you might feel you mind bitching about whatever is served on the table 😂

Love and hugs,

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Ha ha, you can't run away from yourself, believe me I've tried, it's interesting that you refer to your mind as her, I have never thought of mind as having a gender ! Big love, have a great week x

Yeap I agree, you can run but never hide. I call it a she sometimes because is the only way I encompasses the craziness or the sudden mood swings :)) She could be another word for psycho 🤣

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