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To increase the sensitivity and not to eat expensive-expensive medicines. Rosemary Pohale will increase male's orgasm. Researchers say such information. A number of Indian media have published such news.

Researchers at Gras Magical University of Austria said that sexual hormones in men's blood testosterone grow with Vitamin D And the main source of Vitamin D is sunlight.

Vitamin D levels increase in blood due to the sunlight effect on the skin. Also the main source of Vitamin D is fish and meat. Also, researchers have said that the amount of vitamin D in the blood per milliliter will increase as much as men's sexual capacity will increase.

Studies have shown that men's blood testosterone levels increase by about 69 percent with sunlight. It is a very important hormone in the case of male sex. This hormone regulates the sexual organs, the character of sex, the production of sperm and the sexual needs of men.

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