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Bill Gates can be started with a statement of the report. Bill said- 'I've been a lazy person to work harder. Because, a lazy person can find out the easy way to perform a difficult task. '

The lazy people in the society and the rubbish, what is going on! But no one ever remembers the idle people who possess a rare quality. That's just a recent study group in the United States.

The reason behind this survey by the team of Florida's Gulf Coast University - people with more IQ feel very bored. So they prefer a lot more than hand-to-work work. On the other hand, it is just the opposite of working people. They keep their mind active by working in their hands. Because, they can not think long enough, they become bore.

This study has been going on for three decades. The reviewers who had conducted this survey on their behalf had asked such questions - if you see a new solution to the problem, do you enjoy that work?

The group, led by Todd McElroy, has 30 'thoughtful' students from among the university's students and 30 'chose to believe in not thinking'. For seven days, a machine is placed in the hands of two groups, which keeps track of activity levels and movements. Continual information is available from this machine, regarding their activities.

The above decision comes up - the people with more IQ feel very bored. And the IQ of the programmers is less than that.

From this we can say, why Bill Gates is so naturally lazy to have a tough job.

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