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RE: Part 4 – La Gonâve, Haiti - A Vision of Regeneration for a Degraded Land and Impoverished People

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So much need that has been addressed with gifts from millions and even sadder that much of the money never reaches the need it was intended to relieve.


It was really a tragic mess in so many ways. Even agencies that have historically done quite well with funding, found themselves unprepared to handle the issues in Haiti. Everything from the confusing infrastructure (if it can be called that) to the corruption to the devastation got in the way.
Several of these agencies have been very open about their shortcomings in Haiti. It was a terrible lesson learned. Hopefully such a tragedy won't happen there again. If it does, these groups should be better prepared now... well, the ones that aren't fronts for siphoning off funds anyway.
A sad part is that the aid is there after the tragedy, but generally focuses on short-term solutions, leaving the people with little to continue on. Some houses were built, which obviously has long-term implications. And when people are hurt, they need healing now. But a huge problem is that they just aren't rising above their circumstances, and it doesn't seem like the vision has been there to promote that. There are changes though, especially on the mainland near Port au Prince and in the area around Cap-Haïtien.
The well and some other efforts on La Gonâve have long-term benefits, though the well may run dry or go brackish if the island isn't rehydrated. It really is a tangled mess.