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Energy is very important part of our life. It can change a lot in our system and if we don't take care of it, it can make a lot of difference, in our health. Every process of healing needs energy for faster recovery. Every assumed bad health condition needs energy balance that will bring imrpovement in the body.

The processes in the body, happen as it is shown on the photo.


Energy misbalance is the pre-reason for bad health condition in some of the organs in our body.

So if that is the case, what can we do, to recover and maintain our energy balance ?

We need to add energy to our body...And we need to maintain the good level of our energy in the body...

One of the ways to do it combined with 2 most modern checks up ( analysis ) for proving the incredible change in our physical body, now available to You, just next to Your corner. Check Your condition, Energize Yourself in 29 minutes and Check Your body condition again to confirm Yourself the change that energy can bring to Your Body's health.




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Muchas veces, cuando pasamos largos periodos con baja energía, o nos sentimos en desequilibrio energético y no hacemos nada por cambiarlo, nuestros cuerpos llaman la atencion, enfermandose.
A las personas les resulta muy cómodo y tranquilizador el uso de medicinas para mejorar su estado de salud.
Es cierto que resulta muy sencillo calmar un dolor con un analgésico y olvidarse del asunto, pero también es verdad que hay que buscar el origen en su interior a partir de ese dolor físico saldrá renovado.
Debemos recordar que muchas veces el desequilibrio energético se encuentra alojado en el cuerpo emocional.
Hay que quemar energia haciendo un poco de ejercicios, caminar, yoga, meditar con nuestro yo interior, etc
Un cariñoso abrazo @tatjanastan.


Tienes derecho, nuestros cuerpos emocional, mental y spiritual son muy importantes...

Very interesting your post @tatjanastan
Our body has energy, sometimes we feel exhausted physically stressed from the excess of work and it is due to the energetic wear, a technique that my mom uses is walking barefoot through the room she says it is to lower the cumula of energy that makes it difficult to breathe, She finds this and other relaxation techniques to control and heal her body. She believes a lot in the spiritual and says that we should listen to our inner self.
Thanks for the information tatjanastan


That is true, bare foot on the ground is trully one of the technique...

I think everything is in if we are active or not, our body is accustomed to activity or wear, depending on what is the case, it is important to take control of that but could be risky and more depending on our age or medical history in the case of having diseases Hereditary


Didn't understand much, what You have said...?

Hi @tatjanastan. I certify what you say, from own experience. At 50 years of age, I have learned that our energy is linked to our emotions and these condition our physical body. When we are emotionally affected we suffer a waste of energy which, without a doubt, is reflected in diseases and disorders.



are you doctor @tatjanastan????????


I'm Specialist for Bioresonance screening, Engineer, radhiestesists,...etc. Why do You ask me ? You want to ask me something ?


oh.. you wrote this blog That's because i thought you are a doctor.


Energies are my speciality and those shots are shots from Bioresonance Screening...


yes.god gifted

Very interesting topic. Energy.


What is most interesting ?