The Story of One River...

in life •  5 months ago

Whenever the mind is disturbed, Visit a River...
Whenever You are exited, nervous, anxious, Visit a River...
The cleansing happens especially when we are on the Bank of moving rivers & if we ask that.
Many are surprised & many are aware of that fact.
The fact remains & the cleansing happens....


Conclusion: You never know who can help You in Your life a man, woman, tree or river....


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It looks very quiet that place would be nice to visit it to clear the mind awhile!


Very nice place...

Hare Krishna Dear Mam.
Yes river are like our true companion who always follow and company our steps and never complain a word, really I love the silent and mysterious flow of rivers.
Hare Krishna dear Mam.


🏆🏆🏆Hare Krsna

Indeed true!.

Seeing the calmness in water and how it flows actually plays a great role in comforting the human's mind.

Never take some things unimportant cause your can't tell of its use later in the future.

Conclusion: You never know who can help You in Your life a man, woman, tree or river....

It is true what you say, for example, a river can help us to rejoice one day in the morning with your sight. Or just by looking at it we can keep calm and serenity at some moment of anger.

Nature is full of positive aspects that we can implement in our lives and learn from it, regardless of how superficial everything seems.



In love with that conclusion from the post today.........

You never know who can help You in Your life a man, woman, tree or river

One just need to be cognizant of this again one cannot predict it should be this or that one that will help....... We can only keep our mindset going with all in our dealings with them.

explanatory post and informative and it will definitely helps a lot



Ciertamente y por lo general a los humanos nos gusta la limpieza, de hecho la mayoría disfruta bañarse en un hermoso río, además de la limpieza física que produce, también relaja y da un sentido de bien estar. Así hay también otras cosas que pueden ayudarnos, además de las que ya mencionó puedo agregar la música, utilizando la apropiada produce también relajación, cambia el animo e induce a un estado positivo. Saludos.



si la naturaleza suele ser muy relajante y eso me a ayudado a mi a dejar atras el estres



Greetings @tatjanastan. When a place is clean it inspires peace and we breathe tranquility. Our being relaxes completely, feeling inner well-being.



La naturaleza siempre nos relaja. Estar al lado de un río tranquilo transmite una paz increíble.



Good holiday destination always help to get out of daily life issues

Nice post. thanks for share.

River is very beautiful really well published
Distinctive photography